WRITERS' DIARY, an international creative literary group, has been redefined with a vision of giving value and life to the words of unprofessional writers and learners by very keen and promising youths. Besides, we have a long term vision of publishing literary books, magazines and converting this blog into a world-class website. This dream team of highly dedicated and encouraged people is working on to launch a new campaign for the learner-centred and amateur writers to help them explore their creative talents and make their exposure at the national and international level. This diary has been designed to encourage the creations of excellent genres of literature like poetry, drama, essay, story and etc. If our talents are identified and nurtured at an early age, we can thrive in today’s environment of multiple opportunities and take on challenges that life has to offer, with confidence day in and day out. Nearly 800 members across the globe are with us. Writing is one of the easiest and accessible means of expressing and sharing ideas, feelings, and thoughts and so on. The Writers’ Diary is with you and always values your precious words. We are always grateful to those who contribute their articles to us. We are mapping out some campaigns for students' sake in association with SEG-N (Sustainable Education Group-Nepal). We admit that some mistakes might have crept in whilst editing and publishing your articles. So, it is our policy to welcome your constructive suggestions, feedback and comments on our work for its betterment. E-mail us at writers.diary@yahoo.com


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