Monday, 21 November 2011

YOU INSPIRED ME (Shreyasha Pokharel)

On 27th june,1880 A.D. a girl was born in Tuscumbia, USA. Until she was 18 months,she was a normal kid but she became partially visual and hearing impaired all of a sudden. Later on, in her life time she was unable to see, speak and hear.And unfortunately, she had to be admitted in a school of visually impaired at the age of seven. and then she was able to learn things by touching. She became the first graduate among the visual and hearing impaired of the world.... who's that gurl U know?? she is HELEN KELLER.

People think that Helen is a poor little girl. But I say, she was not a poor child but I am a poor child because I used to think that physically challenged people can do nothing. And now by reading her biography I came to realize that I am so narrow -minded... Now her boldness is really killing me... she is a great woman. Hat's off to her!! ♥ ♥ I wish she were alive. :( But still her messages will always be with me!

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