Monday, 21 November 2011


My days of struggle seems to appear again
Like a viscous circle of dilemma all over…nestling in my head
Saddened heart of mine profound in manner as of a jangling discord
Days are bygone when I used to see a dawn...Thinking it would be same in my life
But with despair I say…there’s no silver lining behind dark clouds

With Lots of starvation and salvation throughout my life…I have become much fragile
I hear no more rhythm of Beethoven…but a scream of a sorcerer;
Ma life ma career & ma family with a conjugal dream are shattered for a juvenile they say
Just a pain like a sadist….i know no pain anymore

My born to an enduring world of goodies were best those days when I was a child
With no complaints and sorrows, it was a heavenly gratitude for me
M no more a guy with complacent demeanor
M filled with troubles, stiffs, and many more

These days it has really become hard for me to justify my life
M I worth to live in this world or ending up it would be a optimal
A dilemma prevails in my mind, I think of Darwinism
Did he predict ma happening, or it was just a soul analysis
Is it okay to be optimistic or I say
My days of struggle seems to appear again………………….


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