Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sagar Raj Joshi

                        LIFE IS TOO SHORT...............

Something I really want to write from the bottom of my heart.....Well, we make friends, we smile at them and it makes our day worthy.....Sometimes we see the strangers and believe that person can be the part of our life too...It all depends on a person how h/she approaches with the person and the way of interaction, communication, fairness....If we were to make good friends, good attitude along with the pure heart should be present.....Let's try to be a good person, let's try to bring happiness to others, let's bring the fairness and let's give the true meaning of human beings....I wonder why we all are running behind our own brothers, sisters, friends.....Why there is some kind of greediness and suffocation of honesty has surrounded our brain, and in fact, we are forgetting who we are and why God has sent us to the earth for ...........Human nature, the characteristics can never be satisfied but Hey God please give us strenghth to make us feel accept the present .........Let's provide power to keep us happy with what we have.....Take all those shit believes from our heart......Let's do things which benefit others, let's help the helping hands, let's bring smile to the world, let's remove our dirty feelings, but fill with golden thoughts, let's make others happy and try to be optimistic......Let's give everyone a good example that "You" are the special person for others.....Let's be inspiration for others.....As a matter of fact, when "You" die, let them remember you for a life time, whenever they talk about you, tears come  along with those eyes which can reflect you every single time......So, let us start do the good deeds because LIFE IS TOO SHORT...............

Saturday, 26 November 2011


"Time and tide wait for none."I got a phone call by the principal of my college on the late fine morning of February in 2007 whilst I was teaching in a class. The foremost, I was not much excited but was keen on finding how he had found my school’s phone no. inasmuch as I had not shared my office's phone to anyone. I was really possessed with his call because we had holidays for the preparation of bachelor's first year exams.
The call has really aroused my curiosity. I met Principal who detailed why I was called suddenly. I was recommended by him for the 100 % scholarship to study IT (Information Technology) in South Korea, the course duration of which was five-year. I was handed over with some sheets of paper containing application form and some information. I couldn't remember of other words to express my gratitude to him except "Thank you!" I was really grateful to him; I was indebted to his contribution. I gave him higher position than my father because my father used to discourage me for higher studies. I was surprised why I was selected for the scholarship albeit I was graduation first year student. Thenceforth, I dreamed of earning international degree, and of living in South Korea to make money. I had almost compiled all the documents except for the medical prescription that required for submitting to the Embassy of South Korea.
Right ahead of deadline, I got a phone call; I didn't know that would turn the mode of direction. It was from the biggest and mostly recognized hospital situated in eastern region. I had to sign a medical contract paper and take care of my mom on the same day as there was no one. I phoned my honourable Principal and besought him to deliver my medical prescription. I had never expected refusal from him. But he did. I cogitated how a person could disappoint me who himself made me dream of golden future. His refusal was incredible. I kept vigil. I was wondering how I could make right decision. On the night of that day, I felt as if I were bridging the gap between death and birth. It was the toughest question I had ever coped with. I started weighing my mother and my career on the scales. Eventually, I reached a decision to go and email the medical prescription to a friend of mine. On the way, all of a sudden some madhesi people called strike. How they could assess the loss of someone-- their mind was filled with the wrong concept of strike or band as a way of demanding. I was disheartened. I was unable to resist their movement. The bus I was going by was stuck. My dream was shattered. What I could do except cursing the God who showed me a false dream. Since that unfortunate event I have been distressed with political scenario of my motherland. And I have been feeling the importance of time. A saying has stuck my mind: Time and tide wait for none. Opportunity doesn't come time and again, we should grasp it tactfully. This is what I have experienced.
Did I make a great mistake  preferring my mother to a golden opportunity?????????
The Editor

Thursday, 24 November 2011


y imagination is audacious and knows no boundaries. It flies up as high as you and I believe the human world ends and the celestial world begins and dugs deep down to the earth, to its dark crevices, reaching to the infuriated volcanoes ready to punish the intruders who dare to disturb its slumber. As a true imagination should be, it opens its eyes and inhales its 1st breath every time I hear the sound of boots crunching on a wet graveled path, the moment I feel the bubbly air brushing past my face, when I get a whiff of divine food from our small kitchen downstairs, the time I hear the silent whisper of the dog -eared pages turning, the ringing of voices so distant, yet so deep, the sight of huge, white, unfathomable clouds and the elusive blue sky, the unearthly feeling of dreaming, living and believing every sentence described by the storyteller.
 My imagination survives from the diminutive fragments in me to the humongous share. It knows the way and is the survivor amidst adversity of the dire world. The dismayed souls may pull me down to the ground, tie my helpless body in chains an obliterate all my muse but then again, my impervious imagination will rise from the mayhem and flutter its way back to my heart and remain invincible. My imagination is cold and it’s warm, it’s earnest and it’s arrogant, it’s prude and it condones, it endures and it revolts, it has veracity and it’s a liar, it forgives and it dies for vengeance, it’s a priest and it is an atheist, it redeems and it maroons, it is filthy and it is impeccable, it’s a poltergeist and it’s guardian angel.
It’s everything but then it is none. It is a shadow accompanying me in the sunlit days and in the dark alleys unlike the banal kinds who hastens to end along with the raise of the sun. The never finishing magic of imagination and the company of shadow have morphed me and now I view the world through a different eye, with a childlike fervor, new to the “usual” ways. Crying my ways, smiling it up, or writing it down are the array of paths I can choose from in order to vent out the welled up self – gratification my imagination has endowed me with and thus I imagine !!!

Binita Rai

Monday, 21 November 2011


ne evening in Shree Gha: we (Bijay, Roshan, Subash and me) were schmoozing as usual. Unexpectedly, Subash threw a proposal of creating “WRITERS’ DIARY” on Facebook and that went middle of the road. Friends! “WRITERS’ DIARY” is a complete platform for amateur writers. You can write any genre of literature; story, poetry, play, essay…………….and then some! Vividly, facebook turned itself as the most visited site that connects friends from every alley of the globe. Similarly, WRITERS’ DIARY is for you friends! Where you can burst into tears and rejoice in bless, indeed. But for this, we need just your precious words.

Friends! Most of us take laziness as the habit to rest before we get tired. Aren’t we? My friends! Of course, yes, but that is bad habit, we have to acknowledge it. No work, no tiredness, no rest. Do work, get tired and take rest. So, don’t let a single second go waste. Pick your pen and carry on writing. But don’t forget to post in “WRITERS’ DIARY”. I can guarantee you my friends; it will undoubtedly develop your writing skill.

In this realm, we can’t help thanking all the friends for their dedication and co-operation for ‘WRITERS’ DIARY”. All the members are encouraged to share their feelings, expression, views, ideas etc with WRITERS’ DIARY and of course, we’ll weep and laugh together ..................…………………………………………………………

Beejay Kumar Gurung

MY QUESTIONS...(Roshan Giri)

My questions that I wish never to be answered

Can I say I love if I like and care about you than anything else?
Should I feel guilty if I say I love you and don’t want you to love me?
Coz your love will be less than mine and I don’t want you to less than me in anything

Will I be wrong if I say that you are the moon and I am a star and though you don’t have your own light you are brighter than me?

Should I be happy coz you are born and made my life meaningful?
Should I be sad Coz I could not explain it exactly?

Can you tell me why I am falling for you? Though you are far cry for me
Can we be together after our death?
Should I be punished Coz I am speaking about your death along with mine?
Should I be proud Coz I will love you even after your death?

Am I crazy coz I am running after shooting star like you?
Should I be wishing coz I am seeing shooting star like you?

The answer lies within but I wish it never to be revealed 
Coz as soon as I get the answers I will be worthless and void 
And I will make you sad coz I will say 
“You are the one who have been killing me. “ 

Roshan giri (Amateur lover)


God and Human

Up there is a big temple with a big shrine. Painted and polished just like a gentleman’s
black shoe. Down there is a small temple with a steeple curved and bent as if it topples
down. Daily it’s like a fair in the big temple engulfed with pleasant adore of incense, 
sonorous chanting of verses. But what a pity to the small and the old one where hardly few
lousy women would bend their head. But interestingly, both temples are of lord Shiva.

People worship that temple, pay homage, pilgrims come from far away. The temple is always
full of devotees. Milk and sweets are offered to god Shiva. Fruits and flowers cover the 
idol. People believe in god. They go on worshipping and worshipping because they have to 
wash away their sin or have to complete their vow and pray for something. It seems those 
milk, sweets, flowers and even money offered to the god are like bribing god to fulfill 
their needs and desires.

They believe someday they will get salvation and wash away their sin, so they are on their
way to hard penance and worship to get the god and his grace.

Temple is again full today. Comparatively bit more people than usual, since it’s a sacred 
day and people believe it’s the best day to worship.

Bells are being banged. Whole temple is covered with the flock of devotee with fruits, milks,
sweets, money etc. sacred verses and spells are being chanted. Some people are quarreling
for the line to worship, blaming each other for trespassing the line and row.

An old man, completely in a rags from top to the toe, face full of white beard and 
moustache; squatting, needless to say he is a beggar. His hands are trembling, vividly 
showing his hunger and weakness. Scruffy hairs, stinking unpleasantly in such a way anyone
can sniff two miles away. His eyes are anticipating mercy for food and hands are
continuously begging for alms. Alas, nobody bother even to glace him. He is wishing if 
somebody feeds him.

He is continuously begging people. Once in a while he gets but many of the time empty
handed. He is continuously staring at the effigy of lord shiva, over flooded by sweets 
(laddu), flowers, money, milk and fruits. He wishes if he could eat those things given 
to the idol. Near the temple there’s a small restaurant (Bhatti) full of sweets and fast 
food items. A fat middle aged man is yawning in the counter, sometime swings his baton
to the monkeys wandering around.

The poor beggar, gazing at the sweets offered to lord shiva, takes a gulp of saliva and 
what else he can do. He feels human has love and respect to only the idol of god. Human 
don’t walk on the right way shown by the god but instead commit lots of insane and 
unraveled sins and finally join the long line in the temple to wash them out.

The whole day this old fellow stays perceiving human and their love for god. Inside the
temple, god is full of fruits and foods, outside, the beggar is dying of starvation. God 
has majestic home i.e. temple but this old fellow is homeless, foodless. Everybody is
caring and worshipping god inside but outside not even a single one turning eye to the
poor man. No pity at all. Inside, the idol is washed by milk, outside no water even to 
quench the thirst of that poor beggar. Flock of people lining to worship and offer things 
to the idol but no single hand to tame the old beggar’s wounded heart……………………………………………………

Suddenly, the old beggar raises his body. Sluggishly, gazes at the temple and effigy of
the god. Surprisingly, he has might to stand and walk now. It seems the mighty falcon 
is about to hover around the blue horizon. Now he is heading back from where he came.
Astonishingly, his steps are not like the old beggar’s earlier but like the fastest 
leopard leaping and heading to the unknown destination…………………………………………………………………………………

subhash thapa magar

STRANGE FRIENDSHIP........(Roshan Giri)

strange friendship

Everyday I woke up with a request to God, the same one again and again,” Please god not today again.” The same as I did to my supervisor.

The request I was doing was about me and my partner (colleague) requesting not to work with her. If I have to introduce her then I would say the most arrogant, proud, selfish, self-centered, hatred and so on and at last my colleague, my partner Elisa (Changed name). But none of them (God and Supervisor) listened to it; the only difference was that supervisor showed me various reasons that compelled to work with her. Every morning I would go to get my assignment with a big smile and hope and ultimately when I heard that I will again be working the day with her, I just zipped my smiling lips and take a deep breath wondering how the day is going to pass. In this way my day begun heavy hearted thinking I was the most unlucky person in this whole world as I have to work with her.

The conversation I had everyday in the beginning of the day,
Me (with unwanted and forceful smile): Hi, how are you this morning? 
She (with angry face and forceful smile): You are again late. I have been waiting you since one hour. Let’s go.

We were working together so in spite of our hate we needed to walk together and be together every moment during the whole day. Again when we were about to start she and me
She: Did you take bath today? 
Me (to make her angry): No, I didn’t. I will bath in the evening when I get rid of you. 

In some mornings when I used a bit more of the deodorant and perfume
She: You smell good today I like this fragrance. I guess you have taken bath today.
Me: No, I didn’t bath today. My body was giving a bad smell because of too much sweat so I just used more of deodorant.

She would act upset and I used to enjoy. Like this we used to chat trying to poke each other. I don’t know from when I enjoyed our conversation and enjoyed to talk with her every second. But still I hated her and waited for the moment, when her friend (our colleague) would come and I would get rid of her.

In course of conversation, when I talked and acted crazy with her
She: You are such a freak. I hate you and wish never to look at you.
Me: But I love you though you are such a evil witch.

She became even more annoyed and angry as if she is ready to kill me and I just smiled and laughed at her face being happy that she getting angry and upset. And when her friend (our colleague) came I ran to her and
Me: Please save me from this witch, she is going to kill me and eat me alive.
Her friend (with a smiling face): Why? What happened? She is not that bad. 

After her friend joined us I just took her (Elisa’s friend) with me and let her (Elisa) be alone. In this way time passed by day by day to months and now I was habituated and used to her and her arrogance didn’t bothered me much. In a way, we were nominal friends by now. I didn’t know much about her but slowly we were starting to understand and know each other. I came to know that she was married and had a son too. I also told her about me as a friend and now we had become good friends. Now she said me laughingly, “I hate you.” As soon as she said this I reply her saying,” But I love you witch.” And we both laughed at each other. All other staff in the firm thought and said that we (me and her) are in love and are boyfriend and girlfriend as we always used to work together, walk together, and go for lunch together and always joking and laughing together. She used to wait for me when I was late and I waited her when she was late. In any moment if someone saw me alone they asked me,” where is your Elisa, your partner and also your beloved? “and I just said,” I don’t where that witch has gone.” And same was with her by my fellow friends if she was alone.

As the days were passing, we enjoyed each other’s company. A doom day came, as usual we were chatting and she was enjoying pretending become my boss. I don’t know why I was annoyed and shouted at her in harsh voice and said,” You are not my boss and don’t act as if you know everything you arrogant witch.” She was hurt and went without saying a word. Then next day when we saw each other we just ignored each other and gave each other devilish looks. Like this two days passed, I felt bored and day too long and tiresome and she was also in the same situation. In fourth day she called me alone 
She: I am sorry, I should not have acted like that but I was in bad mood and you also acted like that. Anyway I am sorry and now can we be friends like before? 
Me: No I am sorry because I should not have shouted at you like that. And of course we 
are friends and be friends forever.
She: I was too sad and angry when you ignored me like that during these two days.
Me: Me too.
She (in soft voice): hey freak! I love you.
Me (pretending didn’t hear anything): what did you say? I didn’t hear you.
She (smilingly): I said I love you, you freak.

We both laughed and our friendship got even stronger and tighter and now when I said her” I love you.” She replied, “I love you too.” And when I said it again she said,” I hate you.” And we both laughed. She will be the only girl to whom I have said Fifty times (in minimum) that,” I love you.” everyday. And think now will not say even to my girlfriend or wife. I don’t know from when I had started to love her and those jokes turned to reality and I guess she also loved me too above friendship though we both know that she was a married lady and our love was obviously impossible. And by now we started to share our joy and sorrow like boyfriend and girlfriend .Once when we were alone she got a call from somebody and cried, but I didn’t bothered to ask her respecting her privacy and she asked me,” Am I alright? Am I looking alright?” I replied,” No, you don’t look ok cry some more and you will be okay.” And she did cry and wiped her tears. While we were in recess I just try to sleep and take some rest then she woke me and then she slept I just stared at her sleeping like a baby. Then a song played in my heart 

Did I disappoint you or let you down?
Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?
'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun,
Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won.
So I took what's mine by eternal right.
Took your soul out into the night.
It may be over but it won't stop there,
I am here for you if you'd only care.
You touched my heart you touched my soul.
You changed my life and all my goals.
And love is blind and that I knew when,
My heart was blinded by you…..

After I also knew that she was pregnant then cared and in a way loved her more and tried to fulfill her all wish that I could do as much as possible. We both knew we had crush on each other but tried to conceal it. Then the day came I left the job without any prior information coz I knew if this goes further we will be hurt more deeply. Neither had I said I am going nor I said goodbye. I don’t know if I will ever see and meet her again in my life, hope never but she is and will always be my best friend ever. This song always plays in my heart whenever I remember her and miss her….. 

Continue from above…..
I know you well, I know your smell.
I've been addicted to you.

I am a dreamer and when i wake,
You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take.
And as you move on, remember me,
Remember us and all we used to be
I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile.
I've watched you sleeping for a while.
I'd be the father of your child.
I'd spend a lifetime with you.
I know your fears and you know mine.
We've had our doubts but now we're fine,
And I love you, I swear that's true.
I cannot live without you.

Goodbye my lover.
Goodbye my friend.
You have been the one.
You have been the one for me.

roshan giri


A story

It’s been 10 years; I haven’t met her even once. When I saw her with no any reason at all so sudden, I could hardly believe my eyes. She turned so bounded housewife. I then plunged into those memories that I tried to erase but couldn’t succeed.

The day was so bright, beautiful and charming when I first asked her for a date. It hadn’t been so long being friends but we were close enough to ask her a favour. It was my very first day for a date and she Okayed with no any sign of hesitation. What fascinated me towards her I never tried to probe it. I was just driven crazy to her with no reason at all. She was not even a beauty of my class nor was I.

The day we went out for the first time was a park bit away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether the day was glowing or I was with her alone I couldn’t stop admiring the beauty of nature myself. We were talking so closely as if we were well known for many years. I was determined that day, I would express her. My little inexperienced mind triggered me; that’s the opportunity to disclose her how much I love her and want to live rest of my life happily forever with her . I thought she wouldn’t have come or have denied my proposal for a day visit, if she didn’t have any feeling towards me. I was searching for the apt timing and a topic to express her.

We started in the morning. We talked about trees, about plants, about birds and the beautiful flowers. Morning broke into the bright day. Day turned into a beautiful evening. We passed our childish days and memories but the rose in my heart was still left to bloom and finally dusk made its merciless entrance but still I was wondering what to say. The time had come to say good bye but I was still searching for the words.

I got some guts out of nowhere but still my heart was pounding so rigorously. When it was exactly the time to say bye, words suddenly slipped from my lips: “I… lo..ve… you”. Instantly I pretended as though I was murmuring. She turned her face, filled with exclamation and terror. She replied, “What?” I thought she didn’t get it and suddenly I burst without a second delay “nothing”. She gazed me with a peculiar eyes, breathed a deep sigh and raised her hands to greet me bye. It seems she was thanking me for the day break.

From that day she didn’t show up next time. She had written a letter for me but didn’t have any courage to face me. Finally I got the letter from her friend. The letter explained her heart, her feelings and everything. She was from an orthodox religious family where her religion did matter rather then her feelings. Her community was different from my community and I was a guy from another religion. She had that compulsion not to marry a man different to her religion. I was aghast. “Does really religion matter?”. I wondered why for many minutes but what I could do. Her family thought it as a sin to marry another guy not alike her.

She was bounded. Nothing else she could do, just to be the puppet of her family. She couldn’t revolt since she was a responsible daughter of her family. Her desires and wants were just mare towards her family responsibility. What her family anticipated, she couldn’t go betraying them and I also dared not to force her. After all she was bound to abandon me though she liked me. I was stroke as if a mighty tornado caught me and rampaged me with no mercy at all. I finished her letter and was finished too. Since then she vanished leaving me half dead. I could do nothing, nothing just to walk on the same lane where I used to wander. 

I was aghast when I saw her today after so long. She was also in the same town where I have been and now I came to believe this world is too big. She also couldn’t believe her eyes. We couldn’t exchange a word though we encountered face to face. She was trying to say something; her eyes seemed to be guilty. She frantically said “hi”, how you been?’, and my throat soared. My heart rendered. I couldn’t even reply back. We paused. After a while I got some guts and had small conversation.

“I haven’t seen you so long. Where have you been? What are you doing?” my questions came in rush like a horse without rein. She just replied patiently-“fine and you?” she didn’t answer my all question. A minute talking meant a lot to me that time. Now I realize this is the life and everyone has to walk with it. Sometime time is ours and many times it is not.

We raised our hands to greet our bye. Now I couldn’t ask for a date and she couldn’t reply me okay.

subhash thapa magar

Christina Tuladhar

only b'coz of....

i try not to think abt u anymore

i try not to care fo u anymore


only b'coz of my my weak heart

i still think of u n

i still care fo u

tried hard not to miss u

tried hard not to feel fo u


only b'coz of my weak heart

still miss u evry single time n

still feel fo u evry time

guess it wasnt rt to ditch u

sure it wasnt rt to betray u


only b'coz fo ur happiness

i had to ditch u

had to betray u

but to tell u d truth

i m still in love wid u

i m always wid u

i promise

i will stay forever in love wid u