Monday, 21 November 2011

BANDHA (Akhil Karna)

A bandha is usually a protest of last resort. But it has became a part of our daily life by default. It has became a routine to ask every morning”.Is there a bandha today ?”people are least interested in why and who calls these strikes. The dream of Naya Nepal mocks in our face. The less crowded streets and clean air gives the city a cleaner look but bandha eventually paralyses the nation.

There is a tendency to glorify bandha in mainstream media. The pictures of empty streets with kids playing on the streets grabs headlines. But it ruins the nations reputations internationally and spreading hopelessness towards politics amongst the people. Vehicles don’t have petrol, the taps don’t have water, there is no electricity, and generators turn out of diesel without even anybody declaring it. Under undeclared bandha every day in silence we walk under the scorching sun.

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