Monday, 21 November 2011

shreyasha Pokharel

Go and sit in a lonely place and just think deeply. Do you know that most of the people want to be doctor, engineer, pilot, nurse, whereas some want's to sell ideas and some of them want's to open factory and blab blab blab….
One day when I was using Google to search the images of smiley face then the pointer of my mouse clicked smiley frame. Then there I saw templates. I was totally surprised. It was so much fun to play with our own images. Children's as well as adults love using these kinds of website. Even I loved this website a lot. More than 3 cores of people left comment about the web and their framed photos.
Then finally I decided to make online photo play where people can play with their photos with free of cost. And if they like their online effects then they have to like or comment there to make the website popular.
That's why I decided to make 1 good website in my future where people can enjoy with their snaps. Who knows that I can be Euro milliner if people like the settings of my web where they have to like or comment.
The first and foremost thing is that we have to start up from small only. No need to wait for tomorrow. As we all know that tomorrow never comes. Let's face the world with our small and new ideas which can be implemented tomorrow.

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  1. Thats great ideas. My wishes are with you and I am sure hopefully you will end up making such website...gud luck!