Monday, 21 November 2011

MY QUESTIONS...(Roshan Giri)

My questions that I wish never to be answered

Can I say I love if I like and care about you than anything else?
Should I feel guilty if I say I love you and don’t want you to love me?
Coz your love will be less than mine and I don’t want you to less than me in anything

Will I be wrong if I say that you are the moon and I am a star and though you don’t have your own light you are brighter than me?

Should I be happy coz you are born and made my life meaningful?
Should I be sad Coz I could not explain it exactly?

Can you tell me why I am falling for you? Though you are far cry for me
Can we be together after our death?
Should I be punished Coz I am speaking about your death along with mine?
Should I be proud Coz I will love you even after your death?

Am I crazy coz I am running after shooting star like you?
Should I be wishing coz I am seeing shooting star like you?

The answer lies within but I wish it never to be revealed 
Coz as soon as I get the answers I will be worthless and void 
And I will make you sad coz I will say 
“You are the one who have been killing me. “ 

Roshan giri (Amateur lover)

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