Monday, 21 November 2011


An Experience of Valentine's DAy

On 14th February every one is found in seeking of beloved one to demolish the boredom of loneliness or solidarity life. Everyone sends cards or gives flowers or chocolates to the persons they love. Usually, a Valentine's card is not signed by the persons who send it so as to beat the receivers.
Valentine's Day which reminds me of an unsuccessful love of me. A girl who I was stuck to shattered my dreams of going on date somewhere else as she went on picnic with her classmates without any notifications. I was really stunned and felt embarrassed to myself to be fooled by a girl who I loved. I felt as if she stepped on my heart with studded shoes.
She tried to apologize to me, but what she played with my sentiments was intolerable. In response, I replied," A broken bough can be stuck to a tree but practice of setting its natural flow is not less than a futile challenge of Sissypus."
On account of mushrooming TV channels, means of communication, not only young ones but schoolchildren are also under influence of this festival. Its popularity is spreading all over the world. It is a festival which marks departure of winter and arrival of spring. On this day, single people accumulate the nerve to express their thoughts to beloved ones.
It actually doesn't impart the similar taste since some run into success whereas some run into failure. Failures tend to curse their fortune. It is said our match is predetermined by God before we are born, so what we see is not ours but what is written is ours. That's why, finding match is a fluke.
For many of us, it is a special day. Therefore, many of us remain absent from our job.Throughout the day, couples enjoy. No matter, single people can also make it memorable instead of wallowing in self pity. They can get into interest-generating activities. Lone people can go shopping with family with the knowledge that they will heartedly approve of any gift they purchase. Valentine's Day can put a huge pressure on a relationship so we got to count our blessings that we needn't come up with the romantic gestures to beat all romantic gestures.
In regard to business, Valentine is beneficial. It keeps the staff of cyber cafes, gift shops, restaurants, recharge card selling shops, jewelery shops, public places and parks hectic. plenty of couples are obliged to pay off a big sum of money on gifts price of which are exorbitant. We ought to abnegate such unnecessary expenses.
To make our day more lively, boys or girls themselves can put some advanced thought into how they wish to spend the day and formulate plans. In addition, we can take a look at the other significant relationships. We can offer our bosom friends dinner or lunch, take our family out shopping, arrange a small trip to the cinema hall.
Observing festival is a continuity of preservation of culture. Nonetheless, trend of putting overemphasis on western practices may cloud our originality. Are we paying as equal tribute to Nepali festivals as to western??

Amar Limbu

Chief Editor

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