Monday, 21 November 2011

MY SISTERS ( Roshan Giri)

She is the only ocean of love I have ever known 
In whose lap I have grown
I have already passed the first quarter of my life
But she still thinks and sees me as a kid of nine
her fragrance avoids me from rotting
Her belief is the only thing that has made me living
I can't imagine the things aloof from her 
Coz she shows me the way to the brighter future
I would have become a gypsy by now
It is her care that made a master piece of the snow, 
i don't have an identity apart from her
As everyone knows me as " Reshma's kid brother,

Her innocent question makes me a genius,
It's her trust that thrives me to be a perfectous,
whatever I've known is just for her
Its her expectation that makes me knowledge hunger
If feels like the time has just freezed when I carried her in my back and those days when we played together in the yard
She is the cuitiest angle I've ever seen
So, I can still see the winter ever green
Forget the anger and leaves me with smiles
Whenever she comes in fron of my eyes,
I dont have an identity apart from her 
As everyone knows me as " Renu's Big brother

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