Tuesday, 17 January 2012


How you decided to end it all, is even today something that makes me gaze upon. It was all so perfect. With you; I always had that smile, a true smile on my face.

Here without you, I still manage to smile and the world doesn’t care it’s being fake, neither do you. You don’t even know that tears fall now and then and more hard is how I pretend something in my eyes in front of people!..
When sometime back into my memories I realise myself smiling to your thoughts, it’s so hard again to realise those are just memories!!

How easily you ask me to 'take it easy' is what bothers me a lot. If love is to be taken easily, I am happy that a person with such view moved away from my life!!
When I dragged you out of my heart, the creak that produced is the most horrible noise I ever heard. In spite of having taken you out of my heart, the wound you made there still grabs me into the deepest pain I shall ever feel.

And now for me love a word itself is a horror!
Here without you, I have borne a lot of pain; you don't know how I dreamt you to be with me in all my pain...!
Here without you, I have learnt to smile, you don't know how hardly I wanted you to be my only reason to smile...!
Here without you, I have learnt to live without you!!
Here without you, life is much more, than just a guy!!
Here without you, I need no one to love me, I love myself!!
Here without you, finally I have realised rather than being with a wrong person its better being here without you!!!.

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