Tuesday, 17 January 2012

WHAT A VISIT, WEN! (Suraj Baral)

    Today in the early morning, few roads of the Kathmandu valley were washed away, not even a speck of dust could be seen there. Though the Melamchi project is yet to come, I felt like the project was completed earlier on that day, and the roads were washed. All the dividers of the road was cleared. Roads were glossy; every one surprised seeing bright and clean mettled road. Same feeling was within me. Can’t it be done forever? Can’t the country do the same things for its citizens? If they can do it for Chinese Wen, why not for us? Don’t we have rights to stay in the clean surroundings?  Wen came to Kathmandu for 5 hours and returned, but we kathmanduties have to live here for years. So why don’t the government plan out for us rather than for Wen..??

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