Friday, 6 January 2012

THE FIRST KISS (Shambhavi Singh)

Part-1... It was the day of excitement, the day when everyone has that big smiles on their faces, the day when everyone frequently looks at their watches, the day when everyone waits for tomorrow. The day of New Year’s Eve. I was there with her. OH! Man...She looked so beautiful. That satin white dress was lucky, get so close to her perfectly toned body and those dazzling eyes they were more like the way to heaven. And that angel like smile of her was just so beautiful. I was so happy to be with her.

Part-2...when i walked into the hall with her I could hear those long breaths of amazements...and could read those faces of envy. She was so fragile, so innocent and so real. She used to prefer limca to liquor. I had promised her that I would stop drinking soon after our wedding which was only a week ahead. So it was more or less like a party where i was going to have my last dose of alcohol. She was soon surrounded by her bunch of crazy friends and so was I. They danced and gossiped and we went to bar.

Part-3…I had had plenty of shots that night, had to stop when I saw her sad eyes saying that it was too much. I stopped, and a silent smile lit her face again. The count began and it was finally the year I had been waiting for. The year of our wedding. The party came to an end and it was finally the time to go home. Rita insisted me that she would drive but I comforted her by saying that i was perfectly fine. We got into our brand new Fiesta. At that time it had started to drizzle and the roads were quite slippery.

Part-4...The alcohol had started to show its effect, I started having nausea and then blank...I woke up after a while I could feel small droplets of water falling on my face and something warm and thick near my arm. There was a sort of pain in my shoulder. But I could hear an angel like giggle. Despite my extreme pain I managed to look beside me.There, I saw her drenched in her own blood but still managing to smile. And then I knew it was the end. I cried and started to dial number. I knew it was my fault.

Part-5…but she stopped me and asked me to give her our first kiss. I could feel something warm rolling down my cheeks. I bent down, my eyes were full of tears, but her eyes were full of love. I went nearer and then in the lightest way I could I gave her my last kiss. So frenzy never drink and drive because you never know what it may lead to. It kills you. People say that I was lucky to survive that accident but I guess that is not true because after that I am dying every day because of guilt and despair...

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