Friday, 13 January 2012

ROONY'S BOOK (Isha Mandal)

At first glance, Ronny looked like every other kid in the first grade classroom where Marie volunteered as a teacher.
On a closer inspection; though Ronny was a student of first grade, he didn’t know much up to his level. He therefore was not asked for. He couldn’t read a line from the books properly. Marie saw the loneliness faced by Ronny, she wanted to help him. B...ut couldn’t as she had no enough time. Her experience as a volunteer teacher was coming to an end. The next day was her last day in the school. That night she thought of giving different awards to the students. She awarded students according to their capabilities and as she went accordingly she didn’t know what should be given to Ronny. Finally as an encouragement she awarded Ronny with “The Most Improved Reader”. Later next day she started handing away the awards, when Ronny was called his face lit up with excitement his eyes sparkled with happiness. Very gracefully and with pride he went to stand beside Marie to get his first award; his certificate and his first gifted book.
After few months, Marie decided to go to the school for a visit. She stood still on the playground with amusement. She saw Ronny studying the book gifted to him, he was studying the book the lips moved and she could guess he was reading it fluently. His teacher stood beside Marie and said, “He has never left this book since you gifted it to him. And moreover he has brought tremendous change in his study.” Marie then stood beside Ronny and asked “Will you read it for me?” He smiled and shifted a little to make room for her to sit. He then read the book fluently clarifying with expression. Marie’s eyes filled with tears. Ronny’s concluded and said it was a good book. And then after that incident Marie realized the importance of skills of writing. A book had brought a tremendous change in Ronny’s life.
A book changed a child’s life care enough to make a difference. Without fearing of the mistakes we make and learning from the mistakes let’s lead our life to a greater height. It is all possible through writing, so let us all never stop writing. Just remember one writing express lots of expressions be it happiness, sorrow, amusement. It helps you to share your experiences and your sorrow. It is also that man learns either from learning or from experiences, it is almost impossible to experience everything so let’s share it and help everyone around. Just keep on writing it changes the way people live and think, remember that your writing always counts……

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