Friday, 24 February 2012

Is My Democracy Only For Me? (Abhitav Karna)

A Day Beginning With A Dawn In A Politics Of My Life
Am Hungry For The Food And A Shelter To Strive
My Wisdom Describes Me Of The Bloody Revolution Of 40’s
Panchayat, Monarchy And Constitution Of Dirties
My Glimmer Of Hope Is Flooded With Tears
My Eyes Are Facing The Mourning Martyrs

I Wish I Could Be Voracious For The Democracy & My Rights
But My Soul Is Not Much Courageous As I M For My Diets
Every Morning I Cry With Agony In My Mind
For The Cause-I Try To Just Find
M Still Trying To Know…..
What The Fuss On “Civil Supremacy”
When My People Have No Food To Eat
Engulfed By Fear & Sense Of Threat
With A Buzz On Eternity-My Politics Is Great

My Democracy Means A Lot To Me
For My Poor Brothers Work & Remit To Me
My Schools Are Vacant With Knowledge In Bin
My Politics Is Good, Or It Is A Sin?

Strikes And Inflation Grasp My Democracy
With Republic And Federalism In A Dictionary
My Parliament Means My Family To Me
With Flag On A My Head
And Duty On Am Feet
I Boast Of My Sovereignty & Also Of My Deed…….

My Brothers Died In An Ambush
Will I Face It? Or Call Mr. George Bush
Who Shall Dethrone Me ….My People Or My Pride
On Whose Broken Back I Take A Horse Ride
My Generations Are Out Of School
My Kids Are On The Road…It’s Not A Traffic Show
My Prices Are Rocketing And So Is My Wish
My People Cry Of A Foul...I Guess Its Satirical Twist

Am Employed, So Are My Relatives
My People Are Employed In Banner Making
Some Are Digging My Democracy For Me
For I Provide Them Only Hope For Free
I Swear For My Democracy Is Only For Me
Or My Duty Inbound In A Civilian Tree

I Wish My Democracy Meant Same For Many
For They Need Not Cry In Days Of Rainy
My Fundamental Rights Are Left For Them
I Deserved Palace And Drain For Them

My Cabinet Hikes My Cash & Slashes My Works
I Didn’t Felt Any Sudden Jerk
My Siren Motor Pounds My Security
Go To Hell…M Obliged To My Duty
All Don’ts Are Rights For Me
My People Are Bit Tight For Me
For They Enjoyed Much Of Democracy
It’s Now My Turn To Show Autocracy……

My Speech On Democracy Are Wisely Taken
But My Codes Are Mostly Broken
My Sense Of Duty And Right Are Fright
These Civilians Are Ready To Battle And Have A Fight
I Ought To Be Placid And True
So That My Democratic Spirit Are Glued
My People Are My Power
I Need To Take Critics As My Shower
My Federalism And Constitution Is Father To Me
My Poor Civilian’s Are Teacher To Me
Is My Democracy Only For Me………………….
Is My Democracy Only For Me………………

Saturday, 18 February 2012


It's gonna rain all night
with the windows shut
there's growing darkness
and the same with my heart
i could see nothing

A song on a radio
a reminiscence of a life lived
the warmth of my heart
ends with a void inside
i could feel nothing

The rain singing 'gloom' all
a cold chill takes away the
a bright crack in the darkness
i yelled 'thunder' with fear but could hear nothing

the wind is the meanest ever
leaves dancing with the
thunder light
raindrops in the window
a portrait of your pretty face they make
let the time freeze here now
i want u but nothing....

BE MY VALENTINE (Nirmal Kshitiz)

Be my Valentine, my love,
As I will be for you,
And we will love the whole day long,
And love our whole lives through.

For love has no parameters
And does not end with time,
But is the gift of paradise,
A pinch of the sublime.

So let us take this holiday
To resubmit our love
To those within that know no sin
And with the angels move.


I… I can’t! Every day it comes closer… THE END. THE end. I am just not ready yet! When i first watched Twilight…Breaking Dawn seemed so far away. And now the end is staring at me and…i am just not ready! I will miss this. How I stayed up all night to catch the updates. Staying up late so I can google anything Twilight Related… And be surprised when I find something I haven’t seen before. I will miss Rob and Kris work together. Doing promos together. Win the MTV MOVIE AWARDS for the BEST KISS, and wait anxiously to see if they kiss, and scream anyway because they are just there! They days passed and I grew up with Bella. I went through some pretty heavy stuff with her.. and now.. she is going to say goodbye to us. I will surely follow Robsten in their career but… but it is The Twilight Saga we are talking about.. As I am making gifs, and seeing gifs of the Part 2 I get very emotional because.. because it is a part of my life, of my heart, and will always be.. it will just not… be there to wait for it anxiously eating a bowl of popcorn and chocolate with Coca-Cola. And crying at their quotes, and squealing when they have come so close to the book. I am gonna miss Twilight Saga.. probably more that anything else... :(

MERO SATHI KO LAGI (Prakash Pathak)

ho timi sahi 6au ani ma galat
timro aacharan sanga mero kunai asantusti 6aina
timra pratikriya lai ma sahasra swuekar gar6u
timra byabahar ma mero kunai khed 6aina
ma hideko batoma timi khot dekh6au
malai tyesma kunai aapatti 6aina
tara malai aafu sanga dajne prayas nagara sathi
kinavane,mero sansar,ma bacheko paribes timro hoina.

ho ma 6u,sabai tyesai van6an
pagal ko sanghya diyeka 6au malai
aakhir pagal hunuma mero k galti
ma 6u ta kebal timra khusika lagi
tyes sabdama timro santusti lukeko 6 bhane
malai namuna banayerai rakha
pradarshan gara kunai sangrahlayema
ma achal vayera uvirahula
ani timi garnu mero pagalpan ko barnan
ma pagalsari hasirahula.

simit swarthama lipta 6aina ma
saayed soch6au timi kehi vinna
yo sambandha len ra den ko matrai hoina
mero samarpan lai bujhenau sathi
tara pani timro swartha purtile aaghat tulyayeko 6aina malai
timile garne yes sambandha ko samik6ya le farak pardaina malai
temro khallo darshan le aachammit 6aina ma
tara malai tanne kosish nagara tyetai...

MERO PREM (Reena Shrestha)

timro ek muskan le
suryaudaya ko awas dinthyo
timro ek sabda le
aaushi ko raat khulejhai hunthyo
tara ,jale aja yi vavana
timro mero aagoko jhulkasangai
mare biswas ka pratimaharu
vayankar jwalamukhi bisphotsangai
jiwan ko kunai mod ma vetyau vanya anjan yatri banidinu
samjanako dorile badhe ,doriharu chudaidinu
smritile sabdaharu korna khoje kagajharu jalayidinu
hridayko pahadharu fute,aasako diyo nivayidinu....

ECHOES (Prakash Pathak)

My heart, still resonating
struck by the memories
constantly changing heart
vibrating air molecules in
the spaces of auricles and ventricles
cuz a void still exists
left by u as u went away...
with the highest frequency
the waves travel along
through the neurons though the receptors r
and a part of the brain in
something i feel,the voices i hear a
distant call, a heart cry i walk this life
burried in the past
with the echoes of thy

well its midnight
a recurring nightmare
  couldn't sleep, a sore
ruthless pitch dark the
pupils dilating
a search for light
blinded by your love
nothing i see but a point
bright source
...To and fro..
.Hypnotized to an extreme the retina full of your colors
a picture i see
the tears they fall
and i yell out "oh!!! My
the cold sheets holding me a sense of being paranoid
i could still hear the echoes...

a glimpse to a life lived
a course of extinction
a vivid imagination
devoured by loneliness
as I'm strolling through the
changing pace with the
unusual moves
  every other thing motionless
as i walk alone with a illusion in my mind
with the fragments of
the avalanche they create
and i hang around
with the echoes of thy love...

a pain,
reflecting a life
with u all over me
but me,
half alive without u
i search for a sign for a peace of mind
search for a help
then a sudden change of
a growing fright
a whisper then a pitch noise find my self trembling
my blood curdled
the buzzing sound going
round and round
my head ringing
nausea, then i fall over the grasses,vomiting blood
a sense of freedom
with my body so light,
floating high above,
merge from the
a hundred thousand
burning candles,
finally found a source that heals
and i could hear the fading

SORROW ( -Prakash Pathak)

A sorrow lies within,
in the depth of a miserable life.

with a question against my fate,
with a hungry belly
and a dissatisfaction in what i believe
constant mind coercion
time not able to heal this pain
regret, anger and hatred
bit cant kill myself
it owes something. to me
and i want a repay
so a regular visit to its door
no replies though i hit my head against the floor.
a search for a lost faith
a search for a unknown
every single moment
when I'm going through my hard times
look for a unseen figure called 'God'.
a declining hope
a will to give a hard fist to its face
a will to spit at its existence
but a fear, if it cant be touched
and a fear, if it's never be found
if i live like this way for ever-
live a dogs life and die the same
with achievements close to zero
with a name never to be remembered
with the traces left never to be followed,...

And a sorrow lies within,
in the depth of a meaningless life.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Dear sweet heart,

People around me say its valentine today. I am not very sure if it is because it has been many days I am in the hospital and often I sleep here.

... Don't know why do I feel so sleepy but I heard the other people saying…I become violent at times so I am injected the medicine that makes me sleep. Whenever I am awake I think of you.

Do you know? People say I am mad!!
But I don’t think I am!

It’s a different thing that sometime I even forget my name and the place around me but I swear I have never forgotten you!
They gave me electric shock yesterday. My mom said, it’s a part of my treatment and I’ll be cured very soon!
If I were not in hurry to meet you would have said 'no' to those terrible electric shocks and I wouldn’t have wished to be treated because it is so scary and painful...but I am missing you so much that I can tolerate any pain for you!

I have a single request; please wait for me until I am totally cured. I am fighting here for you so please don’t leave me.

My mom said you left me because you think I have gone mad!! But I do believe you. I hope after receiving my letter you will come to meet me...I’ll b waiting for you!
I have a mental disorder not a heart one and I love you from my heart not from my brain. My mind may stop thinking but until my heart stops beating I’ll love you.
Today I skipped my sleeping tablets just to write to you…but I am already sleepy and my hands are shivering now. Read my feelings over the scribbles please.

Lastly if today is really a valentine’s day, I wish you a very happy valentine...

Yours always!


“A good reputation and respects are worth much more than silver and gold” Bible

 great wealth of means of communication is prevalent across the globe. Of them face-to-face conversation, phone calls, text messages, video chat, handwritten letter or cards, instant messages, social networks etc. is the commonest method. Albeit we have so many options for keeping in touch, each one embraces pros and cons.
 For face-to face chat , at least two parties must be available to talk, for handwritten letter or card, it takes times to write and days to deliver to recipient; similarly for e-mail, emotion is often lacked—or misinterpreted easily. Social networking, which some youths and teenagers say is the best way to be connected. Hundreds of social networks exist, and the most popular one—Face book which has registered more than 800 million members.
         A social network is a web site that lets users share information, personal feelings, photos, comments with the select ones. It is the fastest way of getting updated. At times disasters strike –such as earthquake, tsunami, hurricane which devastate some parts of a country or the world; at the moment phone lines will be down but social networks will be the best way to find out about the welfare of our loved ones as well as victims.
            Everything consists of binary opposites—positive and negative so does Face book.  Unduly use of Face book leads to some risks and dangers. So, we ought to number the items in order of their weight to us—my privacy, valuable time, reputation and friendship. A recent survey carried out by Consumer Reports revealed that many social network users run risks that has high level of potential to lead to burglaries, identity theft, and stalking. Fifteen per cent had posted their current location or travel plans, thirty four per cent their full birth date, and twenty one per cent of those with at home had posted those offspring’s names and snapshots.
          Really, anything posted on a social network can be viewed as a public or as a material that can be made public. Therefore, what we need to do is to be thoroughly familiar with the privacy settings on our social networks, and use them. Also, restrict access to our status updates and photos to people we know are conversant with. Chatting on phones is way more personal and far less exposing. Moreover, what information we post can violate not only our privacy but of our friends also.
            Social networking really consumes our valuable time and distracts us from more vital activities. I understand it is hard to get off a social networking site because it has been an obsession. It can interfere with the friendship we are cultivating within our household. A writer writes in his book, Grown Up Digital, “is that whilst it makes staying in touch easier when family members are physically apart, it can also keep us apart when we are home.”
     Leaving our accounts singed on when we are not present can run the risk which is equivalent of leaving our wallet or cell phone in public on the picnic table. Anyone can sit down and start making post to our wall which is enough to ruin our reputation. Damaging our reputation on a social networking can have long-range consequences. Social networking sites users can get sacked or turned down for new jobs on account of what they have posted online. Guarding reputation means being careful not to let others have valid reasons to think bad of us.
             Our friendship influences how we think and act. We pick up those who we trust and know well. Then why don’t we be selective about whom we befriend on a social network? If we use social networks duly thinking it as a boon of science, we gain advantages. If we misuse it, it will be no less than an atomic formula, which is being misused by people with an eye to be powerful, formulated by Albert Einstein. It is wise to weigh up pros and cons of something prior to using. 


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

HEART CRY (Abhitav Karna)

As you have gone
Leaving me all alone

I have lost all my joy and gray
... So it is difficult for me to spend each
Moment of day

Without there is no heartbeat
Neither any hunger to eat

Every moment my eyes fill with tear
But there is no one who could hear

Oh my dear mate
Isn’t it too late?

That you have gone
By which my heart burn

Without you there is no hope
And life is just like a declining through slope

So it is better to die
Wishing you a ‘Good bye’


timrai jindagi hu ma
sukha dhukhako sathi
... jaba ud6au timi
swopna ka nila akashma
ma ud6u timrai samipma
timrai kalila oth bata
hun6u ma swotantra
bas diyeka 6au
bekasur fokso ma
dhanya 6au timi!!!

ma shan hu,ejjat hu
timi purus hau
ma purusattwo hu
nidar 6au timi
mero chattra chayama
nischinta 6au
samarpit timro
sara jiban malai
her din ram6au ma sangai
dhanya 6au timi!!!

jaliraheko churot
ani jaleko timro mutu
udiraheko ma
ani udeko timro kalpana
ma harau6u nil gaganma
timi harau6au bhawanaka aabegharu ma
timra pidaharuko
ek matra nirkyol ma
angaleka 6au malai
dhanya 6au timi!!!

Kina run6au timi
Sunau malai timro kahani
jiban mukti ko ma
ek arko upaye
dilaune6u mukti
yo sansarbata
ani timra pidaharubata
jane6au hami udi katai
yo sansarbata tadha
rojyau saha yatri malai
dhanya 6au timi!!!

Kurup timro jindagi
Jindagiko kuruptako
sringar ma
sringareka 6au malai
dhanya 6au timi!!!

GREEN PEACE (Abhitav Karna)

Beyond the horizon
Almost escaping from the gravity
I felt being summoned
... Which introduced me with my individuality
Recognized me with my sincerity
Compelled me to ask my inner heart
What a sin I am doing with my mother earth
My only weakness was to remain silent
Viewing all the human rudeness ah! So violent?
It made my soul to feel
Is this the same earth, which was so real?
Inhabited by many unique creatures
Sharing gorgeous natural features
Where is the same peaceful greenery?
And all of those enchanting senery?
Have we all becomes so mad in our bravery/
The question very ironically have turned out to be a
Tragic unsolved mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my landlords daughter (Abhitav karna)

My dull eye sparks at only glance of yours
Your long hair minds me of golden chain of 24 carat
... Your red cheeks are like red tomatoes for me
Oh my landlords daughter
I adore you I adore you I adore you.

I adore you
I can say it with bashing vuvujela
Shout for you; wait for you till my life gets a full stop
Always ready to provide my vacant post for you
I am ready to appoint you
I look for you only with my open eyes the daytime
Other time you are in my mind & heart ha ha ha ….m serious
Oh my landlords daughter
I adore you I adore you I adore you.

Your glowing skin & serpentine body
Your lucky charm and 24 shining teeth
Recalls me of 24 hours of a day
My rent is not for my stay
It’s for the time I look on your way
I wait for you in the university road
Being known it’s not a proper dress code
Oh my landlords daughter
I adore you I adore you I adore you.

You are my valentine’s gift
You are my to be spouse
You are a flowing stream for me
Where I can take a bath willfully
As I see the glittering shine of metals
Enhance my love for you not a little
My books my minds and exam revolves around you
For I fear to propose you
My statement of marks is witness for it
To show my preparedness to get you
Oh my landlords daughter
I adore you I adore you I adore you

Getting prepared for bashing from you
Nose break from your kith & kin
I m prepared to be thrown into a narrow dustbin
As every dog has a day
I need not to shout for a MAY – DAY
To have a pleasant stay
Oh my landlords daughter
I adore you I adore you I adore

With a hole in a pocket & mind
I guess am not of your kind
But what to do, you are made for me
Like a leaves on a money plant tree
You are my graduation of three years
With no happy time but only tears
I want the relation not only for coitus
But for a smile & sometime cactus
Oh my landlords daughter
I adore you I adore you I adore

Finally a word to say
Till my life becomes a rotten hay
I want to see you in ma bed
With a gunpoint & three inch bullet in a shed
No more expectation from you baby
I want to have some baby like a teddy
Oh my landlords daughter
I adore you I adore you I adore.

PRATIKSHYA (Beejay Kumar Gurung)

Ma aaja pani parkhirahanchhu
timi aau hai
... aankha chimma ,
bas mutubahek
sara sarirlai aaram diee
ardhachet awasthama
ma khatma paltirahanchhu
timi suravi sameersari
sustari - sustari
mero dhokama dhakdhakauna aau

dhoka kholchhu ewamritle
timi para pugisakchhyou
paraibata timro aakriti niyalna thalchhu
dhamilo muhar ,
kehi chine, kehi nachine jasto
kali ho ki gori
agli - agli , dalli - dalli
moti ho ki patali
khai ,
thamyaunai po sakiyana

mutuko dhadkan khub daudinchha
ardhachet magaj pani
khub ghotlinchha
aha ! nirarthak
tara kehi chhaina
bholi ta timilai
pakkai chinne aashma
timro parichaya pakkai paune
timi sadhaijhai aau hai

beejay kumar gurung
The Chief Editor


ma ta bachirahechhu aafnai jiwan
hasirahechhu aafnai 4 bhittabhitra
kaan sadhhe nai chhan
... ra ta sunchhu -
raat prabhat lina gachha re

jhundeko chim jalyo kyare
tukima thoppo tel chhaina
mainbatti - ritto khalti
tyasaile sathi,
timro sansar mero haina
malai tanne prayas nagara
timro nyano ghamle
malai polchha, dadhauchha
timile sunghne phoolko saurabhle
malai rugha lagchha
timi saas ferne vatavaranma
ma nisasinchhu
ani ,
timi chadhne himalle
malai khasalchha

dhoka dhyappa matra ho
talcha lachhaina bhanthyou
timro mahanta
tara ,
timro ujyalo sansar dhakdhakauna
mero swabhiman mandaina
ma bhitra chhu
bhitra nai thik chhu
andhyaro kunama
yahi eklo khatma
ma ta jado po tapdaichhu
chiso kothama chisai sarirma
ma ta chisai sirak po khapdaichhu

aakashma joon chhaina
taara dherai tadha chhan
kathyangriyako sarir tatauna
chakamanna sannata hatauna
mero lagi bhale bholi ta
pakkai baasla ni
andhyaro kotha bholi ta
pakkai haasla ni
kina bhane ,
mero raat prabhat lina gachha
raat prabhat lina gachha

Beejay Kumar Gurung
The Chief Editor

Thursday, 9 February 2012


I  feel dizzy and look a bit run-down as I have been lying on the same bed in a hospital for the past two weeks. There are more than ten beds. It is 11pm. Almost, all the sick are asleep, and some relatives of the patients are still keeping a vigil. I look around. Luckily, my most beloved mother isn't around. There is a preponderance of middle-class patients, some indigent are dressed in rags. Two nurses of my age are busy talking to their boyfriends over their cell phone in their partition. None of the patients approve of them and neither do I. They speak politely to those who are from high-class background. But there is one, who is completely different to others. Each of us is waiting for her who always comes at half past eleven at night.

It is Reena. She is an erudite, caring, talented, frank, pretty, eloquent, courteous girl and if I portray her as anything more, you will think I am crazy about her. In my bed I often do two things in the absence of her. I can either watch TV hung on the wall or read English newspapers and magazines. But if she is with me, I will look into her hazel eyes. I have been seeing them since I was admitted there and still have no idea what lies behind those innocent eyes. I never even had a hint what that pair of eyes was looking for. I didn't think their glances would cut through the heart and leave someone helpless and miserable.

A bouquet lying on the windowsill she gave me on Valentine's Day. I am delighted to see it if she is out of my sight. I know I will be discharged right after a week. A week is long enough to recover, yet it feels short to me. Sickness is not exactly a happy condition, but it's also true that it has given me a chance to feel double, redeem sense of loneliness. My face lit up with joy and I was recovering faster on account of her love and affection. She was angelic and charismatic. Our relationship was blossoming though she was three years my junior. Spending time with her gave me a heavenly bliss. So I don't want to lose her. I was hooked to her as fish to a bait.
I am looking outside through the window. I have never looked outside before. Tall trees, plants and beautiful flowers are hung with snow. Trees are standing bare. The horizons appear as a blur in the frost. I want to bask in the sunlight. But there is no sunlight. 

When I was admitted into the hospital, no one was beside me. A nurse came to me and felt my pulse. I fell in love at first sight. After some whiles she placed a thermometer in my armpit. "Don't get worried. Everything will go okay. Your wife is not taking care of you?" she said. "I am married without a wife "unmarried", I retorted.”If so, miss the coy smile of your girlfriend", she recommended. "Hmmm! Okay, then look into my eyes and feel good."

Now, I am used to looking into her eyes. If she is out of my sight, it pains a lot. I wish Subhash were with me, I would introduce him to her. Subhas, my best friend and colleague always inspires me, would be happy to see her. I dial his no. and press "call". But it is out of reach. Maybe his phone is switched off. Subhas and me shared hobbies for reading literary books, building an online blog, Writers' Diary and visiting different galleries. He is really a multi-talented and red-complexioned young man of around 26. 
"Bruce Lee", Friends say to him. Because he does everything with meticulous care in his profession. Besides, he was creative and decent. We had spent many chill nights teasing girls at the Basantapur square. We played a few football matches when I scored a goal on average in each match. 

One fine morning, I went to his house. It was holiday. There was nobody other than his brother. He told me to surf internet on their computer until Subhas came back. He typed passwords on computer. He carried on what he was doing before I went. I opened Subhas's Face Book account. We were so closed that we had swapped each other's passwords of the Face Book account. Suddenly, a message popped out, it was from a girl, Reenu. "My honey, what's up?" I pretended to be Subhas and answered, Fine n u my sweet heart?" "I really need to meet u at any cost. We r ruined", she sent. Again I typed, "What's the matter? R u okay?" She didn't reply for a few moments. I minimized the chatting box and was visiting other sites. Minutes passed but I was still stuck on Face Book reading comments. Then I shot a glance at a notification at the bottom of the screen. I clicked on to the box. It was a melancholy text message and quite lengthy from Reenu.
. The text read: "My menstruation didn't start; I was scared of pregnancy, so I went to a clinic with my friend for check-up. The doctor phoned me up yesterday. I went to the clinic. The doctor told me I am HIV positive and so are you."

The word "HIV" really struck terror into my heart. On knowing Subhas's relationship with Reenu, my fingers could not press the keyboard. My mind went blank. I was overwhelmed. I forgot where I was, felt little dizzy. Someone knocked on the door. The knock disturbed me. It was Subhas's brother who had brought a packet of biscuits and a cup of hot tea. He went leaving the door ajar. 
No sooner had I taken two sips of tea than an idea struck my mind. I started scanning his room for his diary. I found it and went through it. If found a page with a patch of glue. Perhaps Reenu's photo was unstuck. Below the mark, there was a poem entitled "My Reenu" read:

Nobody loves you,
Nobody likes you,
Because I am Nobody. 

By Subhas

This gave me an insight into their affairs. “Bhai, bhai!..........Where are you?”, I heard Subhas’s coming from the gate. I threw his diary to where it was taken from pretending to be reading a book. Afterwards, I asked him to show his diary. He gave me his diary. I asked him to write articles to be creative. After having a delicious lunch with his family, that unpleasant chat tore me away from his house. There is a blend of shock and terror. I try to sleep but cannot. I can hear the echo of my breathing. I hear a sonorous voice through the dead silence of the city at night. I looked up at the firmament. The moon is looking me in the eyes. Her presence gives a relief to the city as we are living the dark life. I have a general sense of outrage at the power cut. This is the fate of the country, which is known as the second richest country in the water resources and has the very high potentiality in hydroelectricity. Ooh! I need to charge my laptop.

It started to rain, I felt thoroughly chilled. I came into the room. I am living alone. The light of thunder and lightning hits my ears constantly. Needle of the clock is striking one…two…three…. In fact, I am thrown into chaos. Only Subhas springs to my mind. If he is unmarried, how can he be screened HIV positive? How can he do such immoral act, who hates even seeing pornographic movies and pictures? Or Reenu could have addressed someone else, not my Subu (I used to call him by this name). But why did Subhas compose a poem entitled “My Reenu”? 

I am lost in deep thoughts. Suddenly, light comes. I hastily charge my laptop. In a few minutes, I log on to Facebook. My Face Book account is open. I type her name in the “SEARCH “box. Oh! How slow net is. Her photo is being loaded on the left of the screen. The photo is very blurred. I am zooming in her photo. Now, it is larger. To my surprise, it is none other than the NURSE, Reena, who I love more than myself. I fall asleep. I don’t remember anything. It is a reality or a dream? My mother comes with a cup of hot water. It is time for taking medicine. She asks me placing her warm and soft palm on my forehead, “How are you feeling?” Day is just breaking. Feeling bored, I ask my mom to turn on TV. On a Nepali channel, exclusive news is being broadcast live from the bank of a river about the suicide of a couple. “Oh! My God.” I shouted. My heart is palpitating due to shock. How it can happen. They are my dear ones Subu and Reena. 

They committed suicide together by jumping off the bridge one hour ago. It is really repellent. The police are in process of taking the deceased for autospy. A news reporter was reporting. 

I happen to catch sight of the Valentine’s gift, bouquet. I find a red greeting card in it. I unfold it and read a note.

“I love you very much. I am already engaged with someone. The bouquet that I gave you is a keepsake of our relationship which will remind you of our unforgettable time that we spent together. It is a law of Nature. We have to act as our God directs us. I urge God why he didn’t send you earlier to my life. Next life is yours. I miss you a lot. Please forget me as a pleasurable dream. I must love him. Bye, take care. Reena
I wish to rush to the grief-stricken spot but cannot. 

This is a fiction. All the names, settings and events are fictitious. In case it bears some resemblances to someone’s complete or partial life, it will be no other than a coincidence.

Amar Limbu

The Chief Editor of Writers’ Diary


Postplatform: The food of love

    FEB 08 -
    Can you imagine life without music? No soothing lullabies. No romantic serenades. No lively pop, hip-pop songs. No stirring symphonies. No inspirational melodies. Most would consider that a dull and unappealing prospect. Yes, music is a powerful bond which appeals to virtually the full range of human emotions. Not only does it soothe, pacify, excite, entertain us but uplifts, unites and inspires us. It moves us to ecstasy and reduces us to tears. Moreover, music is so powerful that it speaks straight to our heart. Why are we so moved by music that is pleasant to our ears? The answer is this.

    Music is a beautiful invisible gift created by humans. As such, it should be treasured, and everyone, young and old, should have access to it. It has a very long history. For instance, archaeological evidence indicates that African people played the drums, horns and bells a long, long time ago. The ancient Chinese played a form of mouth organ and panpipes. The people of Egypt, India and Israel played the harp.

    Of course, to enjoy instrumental music in the past, mankind had to play at least an instrument or listen to someone who would play. Nowadays, a wide range of music is available to millions at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse. Indeed, all forms of music has been recorded or downloaded to play on devices that can slip into your pocket. A 2011 survey in a Western country found that eight to 18-year-olds spend more than four hours a day listening to the music they like.

    This trend, which is not uncommon, helps explain why the music industry is flourishing. Music is big business. The kind of music people listen to varies as they grow older. It influences us. It affects our feelings. So it is believed that songs can be like the people we associate with. Some bring out our positive emotions, such as happiness and love. Others dredge up bad feelings, such as anger and hatred.

    Many songs have innocent lyrics. But others, either subtly or openly, approve of or even promote behaviours that violate wholesome values. Indeed, some musical genres are known for depravity, hatred and violence. Heavy metal lyrics often include violence and the occult. Music has both pros and cons, therefore, we ought to discard the music which stirs up undesirable feelings or fosters improper thoughts and irritation.

    Apart from these, music helps listeners to ease their pain, anxiety and tensions. Scientists claim that music even nurtures plants to grow faster. Therefore, there is no human being that dislikes music. Also, it tells us about human nature. It is the best pastime. It is indispensable. There is a wealth of advantages of music.

    The Chief Editor of Writers' Diary
    This article published in The Kathmandu Post on February 9, 2012

    Wednesday, 1 February 2012

    MY DEAR WALL (Madan Tamang)

    Dear wall of my room

         I truly wish the saying 'vitta ko ni kaan huncha' to be true. If u had ears, I could share so many things to u and we could be really good friends. I know you wouldn't have been able to say any words of sympathy to me but also i would enjoy sharing with you. I could trust you because I have never heard ' vitta ko mukh pani huncha' and you wouldn’t make my feelings joke and spread it like a rumor or a matter of discussion among other people. 

    You wouldn’t have been like a wall of facebook which would share my feelings like hot news on a newspaper among all the people and people wouldn’t have like button to click to like the words of my misery and my awful condition.

        Nobody except u could have heard me and leave comment underneath my feelings even if they don’t understand or pretend to understand. Facebook is the only place where a person talks to the wall and he is still sane. But would i still carry the tag of being called sane if they see me talking to the wall of my room. I wonder. Still i carry the insane wish of you to hear me. Hope to find if you could hear me soon. 

    Thanks for listening me.


    A strong, awesome, influential statement uploaded as a status and few dashing profile pictures doesn't reveal how actually the person is!!

    These days it sounds so easy that people fall in love through social sites and easier to them logging off from the relation!! Few words shared during chat can’t be the basis of any relation!! Such is only the process of devaluing love!

    There was a time when couples used to read their love for each other in their eyes, care, love and tears but now it’s just a smiley that expresses their feelings!
    The smiley blushes not as beautifully as a real person!!

    Love doesn’t happen this way fellas! To love, at least I, need a person rather than his few texts!
    I need him teasing me around!! I need him looking into my eyes straight and deep. I need him loving me not for my profile pictures and status rather for what actually i am. I need him not only saying 'i love u' but also making me feel he really does.

    Love is happening and ending with the speed of internet these days! I have seen Feeling coming with a log in and going away with a log out!!

    Let love be as beautiful as it used to be. Don’t make it a so called 'chat story'!!!
    Don’t let technology play with abstract things!!