Friday, 24 February 2012

Is My Democracy Only For Me? (Abhitav Karna)

A Day Beginning With A Dawn In A Politics Of My Life
Am Hungry For The Food And A Shelter To Strive
My Wisdom Describes Me Of The Bloody Revolution Of 40’s
Panchayat, Monarchy And Constitution Of Dirties
My Glimmer Of Hope Is Flooded With Tears
My Eyes Are Facing The Mourning Martyrs

I Wish I Could Be Voracious For The Democracy & My Rights
But My Soul Is Not Much Courageous As I M For My Diets
Every Morning I Cry With Agony In My Mind
For The Cause-I Try To Just Find
M Still Trying To Know…..
What The Fuss On “Civil Supremacy”
When My People Have No Food To Eat
Engulfed By Fear & Sense Of Threat
With A Buzz On Eternity-My Politics Is Great

My Democracy Means A Lot To Me
For My Poor Brothers Work & Remit To Me
My Schools Are Vacant With Knowledge In Bin
My Politics Is Good, Or It Is A Sin?

Strikes And Inflation Grasp My Democracy
With Republic And Federalism In A Dictionary
My Parliament Means My Family To Me
With Flag On A My Head
And Duty On Am Feet
I Boast Of My Sovereignty & Also Of My Deed…….

My Brothers Died In An Ambush
Will I Face It? Or Call Mr. George Bush
Who Shall Dethrone Me ….My People Or My Pride
On Whose Broken Back I Take A Horse Ride
My Generations Are Out Of School
My Kids Are On The Road…It’s Not A Traffic Show
My Prices Are Rocketing And So Is My Wish
My People Cry Of A Foul...I Guess Its Satirical Twist

Am Employed, So Are My Relatives
My People Are Employed In Banner Making
Some Are Digging My Democracy For Me
For I Provide Them Only Hope For Free
I Swear For My Democracy Is Only For Me
Or My Duty Inbound In A Civilian Tree

I Wish My Democracy Meant Same For Many
For They Need Not Cry In Days Of Rainy
My Fundamental Rights Are Left For Them
I Deserved Palace And Drain For Them

My Cabinet Hikes My Cash & Slashes My Works
I Didn’t Felt Any Sudden Jerk
My Siren Motor Pounds My Security
Go To Hell…M Obliged To My Duty
All Don’ts Are Rights For Me
My People Are Bit Tight For Me
For They Enjoyed Much Of Democracy
It’s Now My Turn To Show Autocracy……

My Speech On Democracy Are Wisely Taken
But My Codes Are Mostly Broken
My Sense Of Duty And Right Are Fright
These Civilians Are Ready To Battle And Have A Fight
I Ought To Be Placid And True
So That My Democratic Spirit Are Glued
My People Are My Power
I Need To Take Critics As My Shower
My Federalism And Constitution Is Father To Me
My Poor Civilian’s Are Teacher To Me
Is My Democracy Only For Me………………….
Is My Democracy Only For Me………………

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