Saturday, 18 February 2012


I… I can’t! Every day it comes closer… THE END. THE end. I am just not ready yet! When i first watched Twilight…Breaking Dawn seemed so far away. And now the end is staring at me and…i am just not ready! I will miss this. How I stayed up all night to catch the updates. Staying up late so I can google anything Twilight Related… And be surprised when I find something I haven’t seen before. I will miss Rob and Kris work together. Doing promos together. Win the MTV MOVIE AWARDS for the BEST KISS, and wait anxiously to see if they kiss, and scream anyway because they are just there! They days passed and I grew up with Bella. I went through some pretty heavy stuff with her.. and now.. she is going to say goodbye to us. I will surely follow Robsten in their career but… but it is The Twilight Saga we are talking about.. As I am making gifs, and seeing gifs of the Part 2 I get very emotional because.. because it is a part of my life, of my heart, and will always be.. it will just not… be there to wait for it anxiously eating a bowl of popcorn and chocolate with Coca-Cola. And crying at their quotes, and squealing when they have come so close to the book. I am gonna miss Twilight Saga.. probably more that anything else... :(

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