Thursday, 16 February 2012


Dear sweet heart,

People around me say its valentine today. I am not very sure if it is because it has been many days I am in the hospital and often I sleep here.

... Don't know why do I feel so sleepy but I heard the other people saying…I become violent at times so I am injected the medicine that makes me sleep. Whenever I am awake I think of you.

Do you know? People say I am mad!!
But I don’t think I am!

It’s a different thing that sometime I even forget my name and the place around me but I swear I have never forgotten you!
They gave me electric shock yesterday. My mom said, it’s a part of my treatment and I’ll be cured very soon!
If I were not in hurry to meet you would have said 'no' to those terrible electric shocks and I wouldn’t have wished to be treated because it is so scary and painful...but I am missing you so much that I can tolerate any pain for you!

I have a single request; please wait for me until I am totally cured. I am fighting here for you so please don’t leave me.

My mom said you left me because you think I have gone mad!! But I do believe you. I hope after receiving my letter you will come to meet me...I’ll b waiting for you!
I have a mental disorder not a heart one and I love you from my heart not from my brain. My mind may stop thinking but until my heart stops beating I’ll love you.
Today I skipped my sleeping tablets just to write to you…but I am already sleepy and my hands are shivering now. Read my feelings over the scribbles please.

Lastly if today is really a valentine’s day, I wish you a very happy valentine...

Yours always!

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