Wednesday, 1 February 2012


A strong, awesome, influential statement uploaded as a status and few dashing profile pictures doesn't reveal how actually the person is!!

These days it sounds so easy that people fall in love through social sites and easier to them logging off from the relation!! Few words shared during chat can’t be the basis of any relation!! Such is only the process of devaluing love!

There was a time when couples used to read their love for each other in their eyes, care, love and tears but now it’s just a smiley that expresses their feelings!
The smiley blushes not as beautifully as a real person!!

Love doesn’t happen this way fellas! To love, at least I, need a person rather than his few texts!
I need him teasing me around!! I need him looking into my eyes straight and deep. I need him loving me not for my profile pictures and status rather for what actually i am. I need him not only saying 'i love u' but also making me feel he really does.

Love is happening and ending with the speed of internet these days! I have seen Feeling coming with a log in and going away with a log out!!

Let love be as beautiful as it used to be. Don’t make it a so called 'chat story'!!!
Don’t let technology play with abstract things!!

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