Wednesday, 1 February 2012

MY DEAR WALL (Madan Tamang)

Dear wall of my room

     I truly wish the saying 'vitta ko ni kaan huncha' to be true. If u had ears, I could share so many things to u and we could be really good friends. I know you wouldn't have been able to say any words of sympathy to me but also i would enjoy sharing with you. I could trust you because I have never heard ' vitta ko mukh pani huncha' and you wouldn’t make my feelings joke and spread it like a rumor or a matter of discussion among other people. 

You wouldn’t have been like a wall of facebook which would share my feelings like hot news on a newspaper among all the people and people wouldn’t have like button to click to like the words of my misery and my awful condition.

    Nobody except u could have heard me and leave comment underneath my feelings even if they don’t understand or pretend to understand. Facebook is the only place where a person talks to the wall and he is still sane. But would i still carry the tag of being called sane if they see me talking to the wall of my room. I wonder. Still i carry the insane wish of you to hear me. Hope to find if you could hear me soon. 

Thanks for listening me.

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