Saturday, 18 February 2012

ECHOES (Prakash Pathak)

My heart, still resonating
struck by the memories
constantly changing heart
vibrating air molecules in
the spaces of auricles and ventricles
cuz a void still exists
left by u as u went away...
with the highest frequency
the waves travel along
through the neurons though the receptors r
and a part of the brain in
something i feel,the voices i hear a
distant call, a heart cry i walk this life
burried in the past
with the echoes of thy

well its midnight
a recurring nightmare
  couldn't sleep, a sore
ruthless pitch dark the
pupils dilating
a search for light
blinded by your love
nothing i see but a point
bright source
...To and fro..
.Hypnotized to an extreme the retina full of your colors
a picture i see
the tears they fall
and i yell out "oh!!! My
the cold sheets holding me a sense of being paranoid
i could still hear the echoes...

a glimpse to a life lived
a course of extinction
a vivid imagination
devoured by loneliness
as I'm strolling through the
changing pace with the
unusual moves
  every other thing motionless
as i walk alone with a illusion in my mind
with the fragments of
the avalanche they create
and i hang around
with the echoes of thy love...

a pain,
reflecting a life
with u all over me
but me,
half alive without u
i search for a sign for a peace of mind
search for a help
then a sudden change of
a growing fright
a whisper then a pitch noise find my self trembling
my blood curdled
the buzzing sound going
round and round
my head ringing
nausea, then i fall over the grasses,vomiting blood
a sense of freedom
with my body so light,
floating high above,
merge from the
a hundred thousand
burning candles,
finally found a source that heals
and i could hear the fading

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