Friday, 2 March 2012


                                                                                    I was in a hurry one fine morning, so I rushed to school quite earlier than usual. Whilst I was peeping outside through the windows of the bus, I spotted some banners, hoarding boards and adz reading, "Merry Christmas, Christmas Offer, Christmas Discount!". I was wondering why only Christmas is overemphasized. I was asking myself this question..
Some minutes later I reached the school and entered a class. No sooner had I got into the class than the students wished, "MERRY CHRISTMAS !" in unison. I was stunned at their wish and the decoration of classroom. Walls, notice boards, white boards, everything was speaking of Christianity. Neither was it Christmas Day nor Christmas Eve. Since their mind and heart were filled with celebration mood, impulse, spirit, I did my best to wash their brains but couldn't. They were so insistent about the festival that they didn't let anyone of the teachers teach. Every class had at least a cake to eat and mark the so-called festival.
 As our country has been declared a secular country, all the festivals have to be celebrated with equal importance. Nearly one-fourth of the calendar is occupied by festive activities in Nepal. But amongst the activities, I find Christmas being overemphasized by us. A wealth of people have been preparing for Christmas over the past week.
These activities have shown the sign of Christian influence and domination in our country. From children to aged people are under its influence. No one can speak ill of other religions, festivals, customs and practices inasmuch as all the religions teach and encourage to do right things. Religions provoke us to amend our ways. Regardless to say, some people are committing misdeeds in the name of religions. Apart from these, religions play a key role to make people disciplined, well-mannered.
                        There are some festivals which are in process of existence; some are trying to emerge as one of the notable festivals. Festivals like Lohosar, Id, Udhauli, Uvauli carry their own significance, when these festivals fall on, we scarcely share greetings and wish each other. Foremost thing is we are not conversant with the above mentioned festivals and hesitate to try to know about them. No discount is offered in the market on the occasion of these festivals as we are obsessed with the western cultures. Doesn't it hurt those people whose festivals are not considered to be a part of our country, our friends or relatives? Do our anti-religious activities not offend those who do not belong to our religions?
Whilst other cultures, norms are adopted, our original cultures, norms, values, practices should not be ignored which have been identifying us around the world. We are scientifically, technically and commercially back, but are very rich traditionally, socially and ethically. This is why, what I want to plead through this writing is to give equal weight to our identification-bearing festive practices. Whichever religion we are following, we should maintain the feeling of brotherhood, and we are the offspring of the same mother.

Amar Limbu,

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