Friday, 13 January 2012

WASTE LAND (Suraj Baral)

Recently, I am influenced by the poem “Waste land”. As that in wasteland, I find people of the present world are merciless, irresponsible and pitiful. No one cares anybody except themselves.

 Love does not ...exist here, sex has replaced it. Just Plato knows about the platonic love cause these days people even forget Plato. If anyone tries to remember him and tries to follow his track, then the result will be as that of mine. Damn! This is another wasteland. Here is no respect of your feelings. Material thought has gobbled your internal feelings.

Even sometimes I feel like, what’s the use of writings? If your feelings won’t be taken as it should be taken or realized. Writing goes down and down, it has no value these days as it used to be .Still there is time, let’s start respecting each other and even their thoughts and let’s stop this land from being waste.

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