Monday, 21 November 2011


You know, I’m that idol of stone, someone worships and someone kicks it out but no comment, it’s dumb. But you found dumbo in this dumb. Yeah! I am dumbo for , my conscience tells me not to quake the being built home of dove pair. Yeah, I am dumbo ‘cos I don’t have that aptitude for being adored. But my heart simply smiles with bliss if any love couple appears in front of my sight. And my churlish mind sails in the lake of tranquility if I see that couple of dove kisses each other.

Do you remember? You and I first met in a rendezvous made by a mate. Short introduction, long conversation. Oh! What a relishing moment…………………….. Your charismatic personality pulled me towards you like the iron attracts towards the magnet. Every now and then, you and I met and those meetings turned us bosom friends in no mean time. I couldn’t help thinking of you and thanking you for your cheery face that calmed my tensed head after work. So, my heart bore a great zest for the every dusk meeting to tranquil the over tensed mind. And this pair of eye used to scan every lass in the crowd in search of your charming face. I am still in topsy-turvy, what was that? Habituated to you or something else…………………………………..

But today, I got a bolt from the blue. Your wedding card is in my hand. Yeah, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have kept you in my heart vault. But my both head and heart acknowledge that your cheery charming photo should be erased for your happy marital life. Wish you happy mariried life.

Beejay kumar gurung

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