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very person wishes to work in a well-known organization so do I. But working is far contrast to expecting. As I started working in a well-known school of Kathmandu valley, Chelsea International Academy; which has been enlisted at top ten of the most expensive schools of Kathmandu valley. I myself felt a little bit proud to be a staff. I did not have to wait for long to be adjusted with new colleagues and in the new environment. I was confined to well-furnished library, well-decorated classroom, splendid building, flowery garden etc. Amongst, what captivated me most was the cleanliness of surrounding.
It was my eighth working place. Nevertheless, I felt little nervous. It provided me with much more facilities in comparison to other schools. An idea was growing in my mind that all the staff would be genuine, talented, dedicated, and efficient and so on. And I found the same I was thinking beforehand. No sooner had I relayed the message to my pals and some seniors about the appointment than all of my friends appeared to be surprised. I started cogitating about my performance; I realized that I should be as competent as others were. I had very clear cut idea in regard to competency, it is true that less competent staff in private sectors are either lapsed or deactivated from the work. I used to relish and get more convenience but while working under pressure my condition turned forlorn to some extent. Maybe parents were billing off a great deal of money and school was giving out more facilities to the staff.
Frankly, I was likely to be the youngest teaching staff in the secondary block. I had to work to gain experience of new strategy and advanced technologies rather than to accumulate sum of money. Obviously in expensive schools, pupils come from opulent family and parents seem to a little bit more conscious than in small schools. Parents expect a good result from teachesr and schools at any cost which is supposed to be pressuring teachers. Furthermore, some parents suggest that they fully rely on school for the improvement of their offspring. I have got rid of sluggishness and my confidence has been enhanced on account of Chelsea school. I have got into the habit of working in a tight schedule. Working experience of a well-known school might lead us to well-established schools too. As far as I notice, nepotism, favouritism, affectation is not prevalent over there. There is a maximum chance to be grumbled and assailed from parents’ side, to escape of which a teacher has to be much active which will lead him/her to way to success. The amount of work here is more that’s why teachers are expected to be labourious and work-loving over here. Extracurricular activities are also focused as academic classes are focused which can be a beneficial aspect for enhancing various skills and nurturing talents of students. Honestly, CIA is a right place for students if parents are willing to afford for their offspring.

The Chief Editor

This article was published in Republica in 2010

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