Sunday, 18 December 2011

THE RELATION ( By Sharmila Magar)

hy is the relation so complicated? Why we can't sometimes be able to fulfill it? Why we sometimes have to leave some relationships from our heart?
              So many questions are around us but no answers.
    One day a lady was travelling from Chhauni to Kaalimati with some friends. She got on a tempo to travel. And it was a public tempo, might be a safa tempo. Other people were also travelling in the tempo, suddenly a woman entered with a baby into it. She sat right beside the lady. The lady was working in the field of child education, so she was in a rush hour. The tempo was driven by a woman, it might be a coincidence.

                    The baby was crying, and the mother was puzzled whether to place that child on her lap or let him cry.So,the lady picked up the child and put him on her lap and started playing.
              Unknowingly, the mother got out of the tempo without taking the baby. We couldn't realize that baby had to be handed over to his mother before she got off the tempo. It was too late to return the baby to its mother since she had already left the tempo. People doubted that she must have abandoned the child deliberately to get rid of it. Otherwise how could a mother forget her own child whom she carried for nine months in her womb? We were shocked. How could she do like that with her baby. How could she forget to take her baby home? How she could do it with her own part of life.
           It was shocking incident for that lady who was taking care of that child. She couldn't do anything, so she thought to take the baby with her. But she was unmarried. She was surrounded by the rules and barriers of the society. She faced dilemma as to whether to take the baby or leave there. Later, she changed her mind not to take the baby home. Then she asked the woman driver what she could do with that child as she was unmarried. Her problem was solved as the woman driver expressed eagerness to accept that child. All the passengers got off and set out for their own destinations.
             It is a real incident that happened in her life.
           What could be the relation of a mother who separates knowingly from her child?

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