Thursday, 8 December 2011


nce a child is born, everyone has expectations from it. Once a child is a teenager, it carries out lots of responsibilities. In this period they are fascinated to the sense of fashion such as branded clothes, Armani shoes instead of reading books Cinderella and Pinocchio. They are fascinated by play station, video games instead of playing with toys. Nowadays, breaking rules have become usual when it once used to be considered a crime. If a teenager does it, they blame them for it, but they are under a shadow. It is due to his surroundings.

Parents have much more expectations that the teenager can’t hold. Their expectations are given no value. Let’s take an example of a teenager who has the desire to take journalism and learn to play tennis. He isn’t allowed to do as he wishes because of the selfish desires of his parents. As his parents forbid him to do so, he leaves his desires. To fit in a society and to be counted as an extra-ordinary person in a friend’s circle of his parent’s, he finds himself going to eight different tuitions till grade 10. His parents want him to be a doctor for which he needs to sacrifice his desire of  journalism and tennis .He feels hectic and wants freedom .In case of getting his desires unfulfilled, he ends his life up. This is a story of not only one teenager but of thousands of teenagers who give up their desires, aims under parental pressure.

At last, I conclude saying that let us be ourselves, don’t let our desires go in vain. Let us stand on our feet. You have right to expect from us but do let our desires survive. Do let us survive.

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