Friday, 9 December 2011


s she came into the classroom in a well-ironed whitish shirt, brownish pants and a pair of converse shoes, a negative attitude was growing in my mind despite the first day of college. Why I noticed her was that none of girls of class XI had put on pants except her. We studied and stayed together on the same bench in Damak Model College at Damak. Despite her shortness, she was an eyeful girl. I can still recall the picture of college days so explicitly; she was far much more laborious, bookish and dedicated to her studies than I was. Gradually, I started accumulating her profiles via her mates.
I used to stick to her all time on account of her amicable behaviour. I aimed at befriending with mongoloid ones and so did she. She was a student of mathematics whereas I was of English literature. The next contrast of us was our residency, I was living with my family, but she was sheltering at one of her close relatives’ home. She had got to do everything there. In spite of her overloaded amount of work, she had possessed the capacity of tolerance. She used to repress her distasteful experience. In advance of the first term exam, peradventure; I remember, only a couple of weeks were left to go to the first terminal exam, I overindulged a thing of her—she was the S.L.C. topper of the school.

It was a great news, however; it really, first dejected me since I started to love her. I thought she would love only  talented, honest, simple and obedient boys. To impart these qualities, I could do one thing--I wished if I came first in the first term exam. Afterwards, I was obsessed with the exam. I had to expedite my plan to compete with her. She was a brilliant student. After this, I slightly changed my daily study schedule. The schedule often consisted of scholastic programme. As per a Nepali proverb ‘Bhagwanle bhanchan ta chita ma puryauchu.’—as you wish, God will fulfill it. I proved it. The announcement of the second term results made me elated, for I came first. What else could be felicity than it to impress her? The way she was treating me then drove my mind to the new world of merriness.
Really desire of having her led me to a part of success. In pursuit of higher education, she first headed to Kathmandu from my life forever. Nevertheless, I am walking on the right way to success. She is beyond my contact. I tried, trying and will be trying to find her to thank for changing the mode of my life. I think success is not far but the way of attaining success is multiple. If you opt for right steps, you obviously won’t have to worry of your future. This is what I learnt by loving someone.

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