Thursday, 4 October 2012


lthough every one of us knows that education shapes someone’s life, thought, attitude, it at times fails to do so. People forget the importance of education and lose their weight. Sometimes I feel glad to read about the developmental activities and progress of the country. Literacy rate of the country is improving which has really brought great changes in some areas of the country. In spite of these positive results of education, I ask myself why people don’t get their attitude changed. Does education not have that power to change the attitude of people?
                  The people who live in the Kathmandu valley have access to advanced technologies, a wide range of things. Nevertheless, they are narrow-minded. Let me narrate a minute nasty happening which often occur in the first floor of my rented house in Kathmandu.  A family which consists of four members lives just under my room. Both husband and wife are well-educated and I find them quarreling. As far as I am concerned about the wife, she is a perfect housewife. The husband is an electrician whereas the wife is running a stationery shop. The husband beats his wife mercilessly. Their offspring are studying at third standard and fifth standard at a nearby boarding school. What effect their fight may have on those innocent children. Should he be instilled that women are weaker than men in terms of physicality.
                 At present, people talk much of gender equality, right to equality and two sides of a coin. There are many couples who exercise sexual or gender discrimination though they have a very understanding regarding such issues.  They are living in the advanced area but they are practicing ill tradition. Did these husbands swear to beat their wives whilst marrying? Or is their hearts made of stone? People say those who are really asleep can be woken up but those who are under pretence of sleeping cannot be woken up. If someone tries to wake up, it will be nothing other than a futility. There are a number of mushrooming NGOs and INGOs which are working in the area of literacy, women empowerment and gender equality by launching different forms of program in rural and remote areas across the country.
                       The irony is that these organizations have to launch such programs in the Capital instead of underdeveloped areas.  As a male, I sometimes ponder over such social problems. A woman is not only a woman but also a mother. Powerful male fellows should bear this thing in their minds that all the males and females are born by a mother (female). Since human existence may not be possible, males are supposed to show positive attitude towards their wives or females. There should not be any prejudice between male and female. There should be a strong law for the males who dominate their wives and exploit physically. One’s effort to make a country where there gender equality prevails will be impossible. So, let’s work hand in hand to eliminate such long standing social evil.

Amar Sherma (Limbu)

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