Tuesday, 25 September 2012


an you imagine life without music? No soothing lullabies. No romantic serenades. No lively pop, hip-pop songs. No stirring symphonies. And no inspirational melodies. Most would consider that a dull and unappealing prospect. Yes, music is a powerful bond—which appeals to virtually the full range of human emotions. Not only does it soothe, pacify, excite, entertain us but uplifts, unites and inspires us. It moves us to ecstasy and reduces us to tears. Moreover, music is so powerful that speaks straight to our heart. Why are we so moved by music that is pleasant to our ears? The answer is straightforward:
          Music is a beautiful invisible gift created by humans. As such, it should be treasured, wholesome and everyone—young and old should have access to it. It has a very long history. For instance, in accordance with archaeological evidence indicates that centuries back African tribes played drums, horns, bells etc. the ancient Chinese played a form of mouth organ and panpipes. The people of Egypt, India, and Israel etc played the harp.
           Of course to enjoy instrumental music in the past, mankind had to play at least an instrument or listen to who would play. Nowadays, in spite of availability of a wide range of music to millions at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse, indeed; all forms of it is recorded or downloaded to play on device that can slip into your pockets. A 2011 survey in one Western land found that 8- to 18- year-olds spend more than four hours a day listening to the music they like.
              This trend, which is not uncommon, helps analyze why music industries are flourishing. Music is leading a big business. Taste of music varies as people grow older. It influences us. It affects our feelings. So, it is believed that songs can be like the people we associated with. Some bring out our positive emotions, such as happiness and love. Others dredge up bad feelings, such as anger and hatred.
Many songs have innocent lyrics. But others, either subtly or openly, approve of or even promote behaviors that violates wholesome values. Indeed, some musical genres are known depravity, hatred and violence. Heavy-metal lyrics often include violence and the occult. Music has both pros and cons to weigh, therefore, we ought to discard the music which stirs up undesirable feelings or foster improper thoughts and irritation. Apart from these, music helps audience ease their pains, anxiety and tensions. Scientists claim that even it nurtures plants to grow faster. Therefore, there is no human being that dislikes music. Also it tells us about the human natures. It is believed that the people who love listening to heavy-metal sounds are rough whereas the people who love listening to slow-versioned songs are peace-loving, meek and silent. Music is indispensable. One of the notable things of music is that we are unable to move to early stage physically, but when we listen to the songs that we used to listen to in childhood; it obviously drives our mind to the past. It reminds us of our past activities—music is played at anytime, anywhere, so music is present, fresh not stale.

This article was published in The Kathmandu Post.


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