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MAY 09 -
Have you ever been to a police station? How do they treat a visitor who goes to a
police station for some purpose? Let me share with you what I experienced some time ago. I am a schoolteacher. My first visit to a metropolitan police sector was quite unpleasant which I never expected to face.

We group of teachers, lecturers and social workers had gone to a metropolitan police sector to get our characteristic testimonials verified as we were in the process of registering a social institute. We had already been to the District Education Office (DEO) to submit the required documents. Before we entered the sector, some of us felt uncomfortable and a little nervous because we didn’t like to be seen entering a police station, albeit we had not done anything wrong. This is due to the fear of damaging one’s reputation. If someone is seen in a police station, people usually think that he or she must have committed a crime. Our mind is filled with such negative concepts. That’s why people like to avoid visiting a police station as much as possible. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, anyone who sees you passing through the entrance thinks that there must be something wrong.

Anyway, we entered the metropolitan police sector where we met a policeman with whom we had some paperwork to do. That policeman spoke to us as though we were criminals.

In addition to that, he scolded and glared

at my friend when he

answered him instead of me. My friend did so because he hadn’t properly heard the question the police officer had put to me.

After we returned, I was lost in thought for a long time over the unpleasant experience we had to go through. I wished I had a camera so I could take his photograph and show it to everybody. I am still thinking about his behaviour. Do all police officers behave like that? Are only rude people recruited into the police force? Were

they born cruel or taught to be like that by their seniors? If they are real professionals, they can deal with criminals in a way that will make them confess to their crimes after realising their wrongdoings.

From children to adults, people have got their minds filled with negativities regarding the attitude and behaviour of the police. This, to an extent, is the reason why common people hesitate to cooperate with the police. Since we think that police stations are not a place for decent, well-known and respectful people, we are really reluctant to visit them. If the police want to earn praise, they have to mend their ways.

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